Sardar Fair
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Shop, Dance, Learn about Gor! Gorean Library! Looking for VENDORS! RENT IS FREE- must have Gorean content only! Sardar Fair the neutral zone for Counter...
Rence Marshes of Gor
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The Rence Marshes of Gor... Nestled in the delta of the Vosk river as it enters the Gleaming Thassa Sea in the land of Gor. We're on the Counter Earth grid

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Tranquility the grid's first entry landing point. Grab a starter avi and ask about a free Resident Home until you decide on buying a region or regions. Free homes are available for residents and hypergrid friends … Regions start from US$7.50. Drama free always!! See us inworld, or web...

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Skjern lies west of bleak, rocky Torvaldsland, substantially above even the vast, green belt of the northern forests of gor. Torvies have a different culture t...
Olni South
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Gateway to the Four Cities of the Salerian Confederation of Gor. Info Center for those wishing to come to Gor. Access to all cities with shops at this Gateway
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[Gor] A free coastal port, Lydius is controlled by the Merchant Caste. Located where the Laurius River meets Thassa. Lydius has the only mint within one thousa...