Mega Store
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Mega store virtualife. All free Animated Mesh Rent region just 9$ mounth 15000 prims site
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Benvenuti a Catania città Siciliana calda accogliente per passare un po di tempo in compagnia

Sin City
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In virtualife you can rent your region without having an account in our grid. So no loss of inventory, you can use all your objects in your avatar. All regions are with voice, full of powers and owner summer manager. The prices are: single region with 20000 prims 8 euro monthly 2x2 region w...

Italian Jazz Club
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Italian jazz club.Grid Hosting.Rental region just 9$ mounth with 18000 prims Virtualife World grid site
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Rent a region without creating an account in virtualife. Use your avatar with all your inventory. monthly price $ 9 single region with 20,000 prims u can pay...
Playa Bonita Beach
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Playa Bonita Beach sim of Virtualife here you will find swimwear shops a nice disco where you can listen to music in the company relax and chat
Dragon Fly
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Dragon Fly in virtualife Hosting grid.Rental regions just 9$ mounth 18.000 prims
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You are passionate about car racing. Come to our grid. Monza's circuit is ready for the races. Come to train yourself, every week races are run and real money i...
Palace Virtualife
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Virtualife's new local oriental palace on the beach where you can dance and be in company
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Translvania, the land of Dracula. Create your own clan, bite and suck the blood of your victims
Virtualife Games
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Virtualife games.Play and wins Currency Podex and Gloebit We sell games
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