Grid: Kitely

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Coopersville is an historical community in Kitely that's created with love and for your enjoyment with the purpose of building community and provide a place for...
Greenfield 2
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Greenfield in Kitely is a 16-region adults-only destination for dancing, exploring, and meeting new people. Featuring a nude beach, hedge maze, museum of art, ...

Gentle Fire Grid
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welcome to Gentle Fire Grid , a Place to call Home, Buy land and build your dream world Or your Dream club its up to you Make your special place at Gentle fire Grid and your welcome here.

Kitely Market Fashion Expo
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The Kitely Market Fashion Expo is the place where you can find legitimate content for your Avatar. Sim includes Exhibitor space and a fashion show platform.
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Octoberworld is year round Autumn, Hallowe'en, Ghosts, Haunts, and Suspense. (Plus Alice's Restaurant in November!)
Multiverse Masters
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Multiverse Masters, is an evolving adventure-based world for education. I try to remember to make free items I find lying about able to be copied when permitted...
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Opensim installation of the famed International Spaceflight Museum that began in SL in 2006. All the worlds rockets, spaceships, and the Mars Base astronaut tra...
Brayla Sana Gallery
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Remember: This is a Kitely world, so it goes inactive when empty. That does not mean it's gone! Stop by and try out my Photo Studio! Its fully working - y...