Castle Nude Island
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Rules here, enjoy yourself... Enjoy! The beach, all welcome, straight, transgender, gay, lesbian. Chill. Underwater mermaid castle, prehistoric bones, working ...
Covert Gadgets
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Popular gadgets. Security orb, system Avatar tracker / spy, You have a region you prefer avatars don't fly on and need a way to force them to the ground, try ...

Rayvn's Roost
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With Eros Resort becoming unrecoverable This is a new build offering free content from all over the HG as well as a few personal mesh created items made by myself to be added in the near future. This is a build in progress so check back often to see what stores have been completed. The progress c...

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Sorcerers Isle
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Solitary practioners of the White Arts Live here.....home to powerful magic....
Dragon Sea
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The story begins lost somewhere in the Young Kingdoms and near the sea. A mysterious ship appears......................