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Welcome to 3rd Rock Grid's Event District In the spirit of community, our region Melody is the home of several music venues dedicated to bringing some of the ...
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Harmony is a varregion in 3RG's Event District. Several venues are housed on this region including the beautiful outdoor venue Enerdhil where Rondo Catteneo pla...

Tropicana Club
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Almost ready. Our new club taking shape and hopefully fully operational for our open day. The club is ready, the party ocean liner is not. It will look great after a complete refit. Singers, DJ's and performers who are able to appear here regularly or for our opening night on 21st August from 11:00 ...

Astraios Colony
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United Federation Starfleet’s Astraios Colony is a science fiction roleplaying environment filled with starships, space stations, and exotic alien species, set ...
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Saturday's get together at Tek n Rhia's Place 5pm - 7pm grid time come join us
Welcome Home
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AAcme City
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A city that grew over the years actually first planned on Second Life, then moved to InWorldz and final home 3rd Rock! Kind of grungy, kind of Steampunk... well...
Borg Space
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UFS based theme, with a giant Borg Cube you can visit.
Firelights Hot Spot
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Bachman Zoo and Aquarium
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Welcome to Bachman Zoo and Aquarium! We hope you enjoy your stay! This region is comprised of 15 natural animal habitats , including a super sized aquarium...
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