Star Trek disaster
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Full Scale all Prim Model of the USS Enterprise on a 2x2 Var. Great to explore or get involved in a Role play.
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Starships mostly from Startrek and others, A build area for galaxywarz Grid

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The Forest moon of Endor a Star Wars experience, 16 region Var with speeders for the series we all love. Explore or RP its all good fun.
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Remake os the massive ship Battlestar Galactica all in prims, Built on a 3x3 Var
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A 64 regions Star Wars role play being built. Tatooine City and a secret rebel base. All set in a huge desert. Vehicles and walkers. Still under construction co...
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The Borg Ship by far the largest in this solar system with over 3000 alcoves, As seen in Star Trek series.