Shopping Mall
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a general shopping mall created by residents of fire and ice for everyone
Furniture Village
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A region with a new mall full of new furniture using the pmac engine to save script lag.

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Luxor is an Egyptian/Sci-fi themed art region located on Wolf Territories Grid and is Luna Lunaria's primary home on the Hypergrid, open to the public 24/7. Luxor is best experienced by using Shared Environment and medium to high graphics. Additionally, if you only cam or fly you will miss the sound...

Welcome - Fire And Ice Grid
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Full Regions £2(2k prims) to £8(45k prims). Any region size available at this price. Globit and voice-enabled. It's your life, live it! https://fireandicegri...
Music In The Park
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One Of two events regions for the Fire And Ice Grid
Snow Moon
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A Winter wonderland with more than a touch of christmas
Norse Adventure
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The Norse adventure is a fresh Open Sim experience. Which bit do I tell you about first? Should I treat this as a marvellous example of Open Sims capabilities, ...
Events - Fire And Ice Grid
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Events Region for the Fire And Ice Grid. - Next Event is our valentines dance and date night. Come in your best and dance. Or take a wander around the funfair ...
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A medieval themed sim where anyone can enjoy a visit, role play and dwell. You can rez your own animations if you like. Please be considerate of other visitor...