The Market
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Re opened! The Galleria at the Market. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Clothes, steampunk, pets, odds n ends. Not the biggest shopping area...
Dinosaur Island
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The strange and wonderful land of the Dinosaurs, Jurassic Ark at Dinosaur Island. Many oddities here, many liberties taken and you can get a horse, or fly, aro...

Rayvn's Roost Concourse
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A rebuild on a smaller 2x2 var of the original Rayvn's Roost. More content has been added to the stores now available to visit. If anyone has any kind of issue obtaining content from any of the stores please let me know so it can be rectified ASAP. Thanks. Rayvn's Roost Designs The Distinguished...

City Of Boston
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A work in progress. The City Of Boston -- 10 x 10 giant City and outskirts. Huge area for horse riding, downtown with WORKING dining, beautiful parks, a painst...
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Home of the TTC : Time Travel Capsule. Ready for you at the arrival at the Shining Planet of the Seven Systems. Come see our take on Gally, complete with a Time...
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1888 London. Gaslight is a pleasant little take on Victoriana and Steampunk, but there's always something lurking in the shadows and fog ...and we hear tell the...
The Shire
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There and Back Again: The Shire. Darkness Papp's beautiful Tolkien themed sim, with some fun additions of baby dragons and such. Come relax and enjoy the pr...
City Of New London
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Welcome to Foggy London! Our take on the beautiful City of London, with the Thames and many other features. Please stop by!
Little London
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BBC Sherlock's London, with Baker Street and 221 B. Not all accurate but crafted with loving care. Speedy's is a work in progress here, but Sherlock's flat is c...