3DLES Education
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3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arr...
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3DLES created this English language village for students to have English conversations in a real English village.

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Tombooga region Boogaloo - Beach Motels for the casual tourist from other grids to use and rezz there. These are for the passing grid traveller who wants to have fun. The Party ship opens daily. WE COULD BE DANCING NOW! Get ya hat and coat the taxi is coming !!! PLEASE NOTE: Some grids ...

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3DLES created this French village for students to practice the French language. They can have conversations with eachother in a genuine Burgundy village.
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3DLES created an educational orientation island where students (and teachers) can learn how to navigate in a virtual environment. There are even some small game...