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The Discovery Grid is proud to announce the Virtual Seattle Winter Market 2019! The market runs from December 7,2019 through January 7, 2020! This makes the s...
Land of OZ
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Home of MORNING COFFEE - OPEN 24/7 - Dedicated to the New Arrival's assistance in navigation or information on how to do things or where to find them - Teaching...

The Depot
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Named for its old town train depot, this little town has a lot to offer. The ultimate place to go for MESH everything when it comes to your AV. Shop til U drop!

The Crossroads
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The Morgan Farms of Port Royal. Our farm venture is in full production now. The farm is large with over 360 food plots, 125 fruit trees, a large chicken house ...
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Home to Ravens Refugees roleplay and open to all for exploration. Rez a boat at the harbor and enjoy a sail. Landmarks to themed areas are available at the land...
Wyldwood Bayou
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Wyldwood Bayou on DiscoveryGrid is home to Rockin' the Blues, our main venue, and our speciality venues, Bayou Belle Riverboat, Hot Daddy's Dance Dock and Lady...
Discovery City
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Discovery Grid: Established July 2016. Comprised of VAR regions, 2x2, 4x4 & 8x8. Over 445 MILLION sq meters of Grid Sponsored Oceans. Every VAR faces an Ocean...
Wolfs Run
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Wolfs Run, a region adjoining Wyldwood Bayou, is home to Hot Daddy's Dance Dock. Events at Hot Daddy's are 6:30-8:? pm with various DJs alternating each monday ...
The Gloebit Warehouse District
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Rocking on the Rooftops Club Classic Rock is alive and well on Discovery Grid! Wednesday is our big day! It's hump day... the middle of the week, and you ...
Harmony Meadows
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Welcome to my paradise!! There is a Harbor, beautifuly landscaped Beaches, The beautiful Golden Dreams Ballroom, A lovely little shopping center with shops for...
Endless Summer
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Endless Summer... The very name paints the picture of a paradise. And it is. Endless Summer is both my home (I live in an English Manor House) and the ...
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