Grid: Craft World

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Shopping Dance negozi e disco
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The First, One and Only PFALZ, with Club, Shop´s , Freebies, Avatars Athena Petite PHNX Tweenster SMB, Clothes, Fkk-Strand/ Nude-Beach, Furniture, Animesh, Ga...

Udo II
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USS Enterprise 1701 Roleplay

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NoiLab è una sim letteraria, in cui ha sede il progetto “Fuori dal labirinto – Una stanza tutta per sé” a cura di Lorenza Colicigno Progetto di spazio socia...
Piu Donna Zero Violenza
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The project +Woman ZeroViolence was born because of the deep conviction of the founding group that the time has come to give life to an Opensim's own program, d...
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sim fantasy elfi fate e sirene
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My region is the site of the Museo del Metaverso, a museum of the fine virtual art and not only.
HIE Welcome
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Arrival region for the Hypergrid International Expo Next event - October 07 08, 2023
Nude Beach
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Nudity set in a tranquil, elegant, inclusive sim with more than a touch of eroticism. Clothing & rudeness are not allowed, but friendliness is enthusiastically ...
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Beautiful region located in an archipelago of Craft World, in the Sea of Jack (the Bolina) and endowed with a very atmospheric old port, stores and especially h...
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BdsmRLV Welcome (Naked avatar is always welcome) Athena 6 Welcome to the GRID of your perverse and hidden dreams: Bdsm, Nudism, SadoMasochism, Bondage, Fetish,...
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