Paradise Lagoon
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Home of the well known Piazza. Comfortable beach atmosphere.
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A Gateway between our world and the Beyond, where Mermaids frolic beneath the waves, visitors from other realms cross space and time, ancient druids invoke thei...

Moonrose Shopping
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A Small Shopping Mall with Selected Items,and more to come

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A fantasy Edo themed space. Visit, Explore, Enjoy and get your Zen on! Merchant area looking for Renters - Currently FREE RENT in a Glowbit enabled world!
Bridgemere Welcome
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A place of diversity.
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A mythical desert land, loosely set in the Arabic world circa 1900. Named Orphalese for Khalil Gibran's city in The Prophet. This is completely made-up. Geogra...
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Where beaches transition into forest glens and Winter is just a Bridge away..
Tun Il Ha
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An interpretation of the Maya world based on in depth study of available archeological records. Updated often.