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AviTron grid. A new place, new name, new ideas! Come visit! A whole new world is now being built with all new ideas and fresh themes! Our welcome area also i...
Turtle Beach
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The Witches are back ... with lots of fun, shopping and Dance Music

Arkham City
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Arkham Grid Choose the best #ao #dance #animation #bento Bakes On Mesh #meshbodys #heads

Forgotten Cove
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A little place where kids and teens can be kids and teens, living as a small community and as a family even! Unlike most grids where child avatars are NOT allow...
Ilha Brasil
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Avitron Ilha Brasil
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CityBydBay is a veteran region that came from Second Life and now is in opensim in AviTron Grid. Created by Deiviti Silva for Alex Ferraris in 2007. This regio...
Good Life Island
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Enjoy DJ Fire! Party all night long! Every Thursday’s ! AVITRON VIRTUAL WORLD! ROCK YOUR WORLD!! Jazz and Blues for everyone!
Ariellas Island
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Ariellas Island Castelo Romantico
Ariellas Island
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A heavy metal stage for heavy metal MUSIC! Rock ON! AviTron Grid!