Happy Valley
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3rdLife Grid full sim version of the Satyr Farm. Come check it out and find the little extras we added
Hot Rod Diner
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Gators home of great blues and classic rock and also Hot Rod Diner come party with us

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Visit Virtual New England for virtual living, exploring and sailing. Beautiful nature on a Northeastern United States themed development.

Airport & Marina
0 Users 1 0 459th
Working Planes, Boats, Hang Gliders A Blimp Tour Hop in the blimp relax and enjoy the ride. 64 regions to fly and Boat around the waters
0 Users 2 3 469th
Linda Kellie's Clutterfly region with free mesh kits, clothes, and furniture. giving the residents of 3rdLife Grid endless oportunities to make their virtual...
Marina Bay
0 Users 3 2 497th
Music Venue DJ's & Live Performers
Krasimir Safari Park
0 Users 2 1 562nd
Welcome to Safari Park. Please turn on your sounds so you get the full effect of the jungle. You can take a tour of the jungle by sitting on one of the ...
3rdLife Stores 3
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We at 3rdlife Grid looks at the opensim community as one big world with each grid being a little town within that world. We like to help other grids when ever ...
3D Games
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Lots of 3d Games to play Like Chess, Checkers,Candy Land,Greedy,connect 4, 33 Games in all. This sim is located next to our 2 Region Amusement Park & Safari p...
Krasimir Amusement Park
0 Users 1 0 803rd
2 Full Regions of working Rides for all to enjoy
Sunny Paradise Isles
0 Users 0 0 887th
Shopping for you rneeds at the mall and it include Wow Hairs, Kiss Shoes & Booties, Black Swan Jewellery, Pink Butterfly& Yep Male Clothes, etc. and Freebies St...
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