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DJ Kith's Hot Daddy's Renn Faire Road Trip Tonight at 6:00PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM grid time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
It's a Hot Daddy's Renn Faire Road Trip with DJ Kith--to the Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub!! Huzzah ye Lords & Ladies!! It's time to don your best finery (or come as you are) and join the merriment!! DJ Kith will serve as the minstrel, so this will not be your mama's renn faire... oh no!! We will be dancing to the beat of DJ Kith's edgy tunes and the Tribe will be there to entertain you with their jests and foolery! Come one and come all! Bayou Hot Daddys