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2 years soul grid
2 years living with friends
2 years living with YOU
2 years of creativity, fun and cohesion,
2 years of a community that makes us happy.

We want to celebrate all of this with you this weekend at Tosca.

From Saturday 14.05. until Sunday 15.05.2022

Our program :

Saturday 05/14/2022

10:00 PDT Welcome Party with Tailor
11:00 PDT Show in the sky : Soul Man Group with an amazing light show & Gisela Blue and her cowl gang
11:15 PDT Tailor's dancefloor
13:00 PDT Bea's Nightwish

Sunday 05/15/2022

Hunt the Soul in the morning until 7:00 PDT The hunt around the grid.

01:00 PDT Birthday pint at Tosca
10:00 PDT Warm-up with Bella Diesel
11:00 PDT Janice Mills, a smooth voice with heart and soul. Live at Tosca.
We have been able to win over this wonderful singer again and are looking forward to a top-class concert

Afterwards we party until the lights go out.

Celebrate with us, celebrate with friends!

We look forward to welcome you

Your Nasti and Rudi