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Never was exploring seas and waterways so much fun as with this Kraken. Perfect for merpeople.

Great sounds and effects.

Place the Kraken rezzer and Trident giver near a dock or water.
When your visitor touches the sign a temporary Kraken appears. A Trident is given by the giver and should be added ( Not wear ) I left the Rezzer script open so the owner can make adjustments as where the Kraken has to rezz. The Kraken rezz sign has instuctions how to ride, bu there in short : Keyboard arrow up will move forward, tapping the arrow increases the speed. Tapping the arrow down will slow and move backwards. PageUp will surface and PageDown willl make you submerge.

Clicking the Kraken seats the Rider. The boat disappears 10 seconds after the Rider stands up or when not used after 60 seconds.

Full mesh and very detailed, NOT just textured basic prims! 17 LI hen rezzed.