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Olo'eyktan Clan Leader

Roleplay Leader or Clan Olo'eyktan positions available at Iknimaya Pandoran RP.. Olo'eyktan's are the Leaders of Iknimaya, there will be three one from each clan. We are seeking individuals who have the desire to work and live as a Na'vi in the most spectacular Opensim Na'vi RP Region.

The selected candidates just need the desire to work and grow with a new RP region. Skills sought are
1. Public Relations
2. Community Organizer experience is plus
3. Knowledge of the Movie Avatar
You will be given the necessary materials to understand Na'vi way of life and Iknimaya Pandoran RP Region

General duties include, but not limited to:
*Accepting RP Applications
*Designating Clan Members to their clans and roles.
* Accepting clan back stories for each clan member
*Leading your Clan in RP

The selected candidate will be required to give at least 4 hours (divided up if needed) each week or more.
Please express your interest to: Marianna Monentes