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The Na'vi people who inhabit Avatar’s planet Pandora are very connected to nature. I came away from the movie feeling touched by the "interconnectedness" of the story which teaches how all living things are connected to one another.
If you already feel a connection with nature the habit of hugging trees, walking barefoot , or dipping your feet in the ocean is a profound respect for nature and life.
In roleplay there are many characters to choose from in the Na’vi Hierarchy, one role in particular the Hawpanyu, or healer utilizes ecotherapy, a natural free and accessible treatment that boosts wellbeing. Healers are the medical experts of the Na'vi. When a Na'vi is sick or wounded in some way, they are tended to by the healers. They are experts on what trees and plants have medicinal purposes and in converting these plants into medicines that can be either taken orally or placed on the skin.
All members of the clan have some knowledge in healing, however there is one skill that is exclusive to the healer class. That skill is called " The flow of healing." It is well known that there is a network of energy that surrounds all living things. A healer is able to tap into this energy, and use themselves as a conductor to turn the energy into a healing force. Not every Na’vi can perfect the Flow of Healing but all are gifted with the art of healing. This effort, however, is not always successful. The success of this is dependent on the seriousness of the injury and the skill of the healer.

We are offering Hawpanyu classes, where we will teach you about the plants of Iknimaya, and their healing properties. We will Roleplay the methods of healing, to teach you the method, or flow of healing.

This process is extremely hard on the healer. The healer can only perform this a limited number of times before they become too exhausted to do anymore. This can include many patients with small wounds, or one patient with a massive wound. The more experience the healer has, the longer they can perform this type of healing. This classification is one of the most respected in the clan. It is also one of the most highly sought after. And it is also one of the most difficult to pass.

We invite you to sign up, classes start January 2021.