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Winter & A Dream - (apologies for the re-schedule, region was down, now is fixed)

Where: Winter
When: 3 years ago [18 Dec 2020 15:00 SLT]

This may be an event un-like any previous events in Opensimworld. There will be many sights of a wintry nature, dancing to a DJ'ed event, and many, many surprises, with content not seen before in Opensim. (My sincere apologies for the re-schedule, region was down, now is fixed).

Agenda: DJ'ed event will be at the Winter region on Friday. On Saturday it will be at my "Welcome" region...AKA: Castle of the Soul - A Dream

Winter things to be seen, gifts offered, and experiences to have;
1. Creations from various Internet 3D artists (including myself) not seen before in the OpenSim world (all for free)
2. An approximately 145 sq. meter Ice Cave Maze, with gifts and creations throughout the maze.
3. An holiday related fantasy land, where you can imagine your in it and even ice skate there.
4. The terrain throughout the 3X3 region will be visibly breathtaking (also unique to OS).
5. Enter into a holiday 3D cartoon.
6. RL replicated moods of winter experiences.

Please join me and having a great time.