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In case you haven't noticed yet because this has barely been advertised: Roth2v2 has been available for almost two months now.

The only place to get it is currently RuthAndRoth which doesn't have an OpenSimWorld beacon:

Those of you who run freebie shopping sims and already have Roth 2.0 RC#1 (now renamed Roth2v1) may want to place Roth2v2 next to it so that people can find it.

Those of you who love low-poly male bodies can get it from RuthAndRoth until it appears elsewhere. Just beware: Since the content creators seem to be largely unaware of Roth2v2, there are absolutely no clothes rigged for it. So you'll have to experiment for now although some Adonis-rigged clothes work pretty well, just don't count on it.

And those of you who make male fashion may look into rigging it for Roth2v2.

Last but not least: Looks like Ruth2v4 is finally under way, too.