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What is friends-grid?

* small enough to be personal, big enough to have some cool areas to explore

* people - yes real people….not campers

* unbelievable sailing

* surfing on three different waves

* horse riding through the jungle

* extensive coral reefs

* mermaid fantasy area

* Xinashi and Oh Hello Clothing store

* extensive satyr farms

* Annihilation zombie killing rp

* new areas being developed

* friendships from around the world

If interested in renting, please contact Grid Hostess Zuzu Bahro. You may also contact Serina Gee or Safine Mahoe.

We will gladly provide you with a free trial home for 2 weeks to let you see how friends-grid is….and to see if it is a good match for the virtual life you desire.

At the completion of your two week trial period, we will provide you with a free full sim island with 10,000 prims available.

We are looking for people who want to be involved in our community. Our people are what makes friends-grid special!

If you want to make some new friends, and be a part of this amazing place, contact Zuzu Bahro on OSW today. @ZuzuBahro