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Adult multilevel Steampunk region. lots to explore. take teleports to see additional levels.
steampunk, fantasy, goth, fun, adult
SHOP SHOP SHOP. Steampunk Outfits, Gadgets and Gizmos, and also weird shit I have made. Shopping area is small but working on making it bigger. :)

Proper Penny, Now in the Women's clothing shop
Main Street, Seamland, Zeta :)

not sure if anyone will know what this is just by looking at this pic. Or if anyone else will Nerd Out like I did when I found it in my inventory. HOWEVER! Howls Moving Castle *in its original box Now in Vintique Antiques on Steamland.

Another new outfit. Madam Cecilia Steamison. *thank you Mashed.Potato

New Outfits on Steamland in Zeta. Dark Biker Outfit, Little Goth Ruffle's, Dark Ruffle Dress, and Witchy Arcane Outfit. *Thanks to Mashed.Potato

Streaming Edison Rex's live musical performance NOW.
5pm Steampunk Siouxsin will spin some tunes
then at 6 Goddess Oksana will be performing live! hop over to Zeta at

Hey EVERYONE!!! Its Edison Rex's Birthday!!! come wish him a very happy birthday. starting at 3 at the Dome

New Hats avail in Hat Shop.

BOM Caterina - Dia De Los Muertos Now at Steamland

Halloween Town Square. Brought in and Modified by Blue WingBabe
Visit her shop at steamland

need something fun for halloween? Tired of the same ole stuff thats around? Steamland might be the answer. 3 new outfits (Mechanical Birdcage, Hells Demon, and Which Witch?)

Been Collecting stuff from my Fave opensim Artist since i Joined. Now, I have a museum dedicated just for her things. Who else Loves Cherry Manga's stuff?

3 new outfits in Steamland, Zetaworlds. "what a doll", "smokin hot", and "BwB's versatile retro bathingsuit" *sorry its been a while since I have added to the shop, RL has gotten chaotic :) Hope you enjoy.

New Shop I am Working on. Has the FestAvi items I have collected over the years (Yes I have gotten permission to put them there). More to come but Check it out.

Animated Tesla coil now in the Curiosity shop on Steamland

New Steam Carriage Unscripted use for decoration or script it and make it run. *add some fun and whimsy to your sim :P

post apocalypse area In Steamland, Zetaworlds. Take teleporter inside the welcome center. Be sure to go down the abandoned subway shaft. Enjoy

Additional System Outfits at "Not MESHing Around" Shop in Steamland.
once in region the coordinates are 252,626,23

New Animesh available, Provided by Blue Wingbabe, Outside of "Not MESHing around" shop. map coordinates: 275, 630, 23

Just Opened in Steamland. "Not MESHing Around" shop. Just a bunch of System (non Mesh) clothing I've collected over the years. Most in Original boxes (landmarks in boxes my no longer work!)

Sexy Steam and Steam Follies now at Steamland, Zetaworlds

4 CyberPunk inspired outfits now up for grabs in Steamland, Zetaworlds.

Steampunk Dandy, In Steamland. What a dapper gentleman!

At Steamland. I'm going to work on putting together Men's Steampunk outfits. If anyone has Mens Outfits and would like to contribute to the store, please place in box with a LM to your store and it will be added. P.s. I may use some pieces to make new outfits as well :) Come visit and see whats there so far!

Antique store now opened. come see what you never knew that you couldnt live without. Steampunk Antiques. Hope to see ya around. :)

White Winged Dove outfit for copy in Steamtown... get the hat in the hat shop :P
Steamland revamped. we have moved the shopping area. You'll land in the welcome center, exit the doors and walk the town for shopping... Feel free to explore other sights *teleporters inside the welcome center.

"Steam Wench" outfit available in Steamland

New Outfit. "Bookish" is now in the curiosity shop. complete with hair and hair huds. 2 different colors of the dress and shoes.

Hat Shop Opened in Steamland. *more inventory to come.

just did this silly, whimsical, shade lamp post.

Curiosity Shops have been moved to Steamtown here in Steamland. lots if air ships that I have collected over the years. Steamy clothing, and gadgets and gizmo's. Visit the welcome center to teleport to other places. :P

Curiosity shops are relocating to Steam City at the back of Steamland. if you come to shop, please pardon the mess and the move.

Not your Monkeys? Not your Circus? Come into Steamland's Curiosity Shops today and get your RIngmaster 1 Outfit! It helps you Juggle everything life throws at you!

DJ Edison is Rockin out on Foundation grid. go to Adachi Fetish Club then take TP to the slippery Mermaid! come play with us and get your Fetish on!

If you came for your Wellington Kitty, then you KNOW that naughty Kitty needs some taming! Here is all you need for the job. Complete with whip to let him know who's boss! (outfit name: "Whip Cream")
Special Shoutout to Betty for the tailcoat!
Ever wonder what your Cuddly Feline companion is thinking? Lord Wellington has acquired the ability to speak the English language. Come, take him home today! Click him and he will reveal his innermost musings.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Come one Come all!!! we now have a FANTASTIC!! AMAZING!!! Circus outfit... with an added bonus box *2 box set...
Get yours today! at the Curiosity Shops!

Visit Klamotto ( I have been collecting hats for over 2 years. here's a shop of my favorites.
Hope you enjoy

New Steamy outfit at the Curiosity Shoppes, comes in a variety of colors. accessories included. Get yours today! While supplies last :P
*ty Chilli.Bean

New Steamy outfit at the Curiosity Shoppes, comes in a variety of colors. accessories included. Get yours today! While supplies last :P
*ty Chilli.Bean

Outfit: Olive You
Even though I am a peace loving avi, I seem to be in a military clothing mood. Here's another Military inspired look. free for your shopping pleasure.
*thanks to all the content providers for making it possible!
P.s. Take a Pic of your avi in one of our outfits, and You will be featured in our sign.

Military outfit! Will also look good on Humans or Zombies. :P Now in the Curiosity Shops area.
Ty to the talented creators.

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Gioiasautereau Great. Love the wonderful combination of old and new, all these wonderful artworks and imaginative settings. Thank you for sharing your imagination and creativity with us!
Zoe Synclair Imaginative and strange. Kind of like HG Wells meets Alice in Wonderland. Great fantasy sim, take your time, there's lots there to rez in but it's worth it.
Chicken_nuggets I really loved the Gothic and steampunk theme mixed together. it was so beautiful!

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Steampunk Siouxsin , your OSW beacon has been borked for a month, and the music stream? no telling how long that has been offline. here's 2 alternatve steampunk streams to be considered....
In my humble opinion one of the best places in the whole hypergrid. Discover a fantastic world with incredible things.
Thank You SOO much for the compliment. Hugs
Beautiful place and amazing freebies :) - thank you!
Thank you Amaranthim, Im glad you enjoyed :) come back anytime.
This world is great!!!
thank you :) Love to hear people enjoy the sim
I like visiting there... such a happy atmosphere. Love it!
When you land - hint to shop there is a sign it says curiosity and has a hat on it. Right where u land. I went shopping.. got me some goodies ty guys for sharing. hugs
Hugs Wicked. Glad you like them :)
Interesting Region, Breathtaking