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About Myself

I decided to publish my Dinkiedesigns in my group at VWZ and at Flickr instead of here.
If you want to stay updated about new Dinkie Fashions, you are free to join my group at VWZ Dinkietown/DinkieLane or at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/secondlifeofavia/?
You will also receive freebies for groupmembers only, never shared anywhere in OS.
People who abuse my group to come over and take all the boxes to display them in their stores without asking me, will be removed from the group.

My Interests

3D Art in all sorts. Healthy food, politics, sports, painting, books, my kids O&V, travelling, going out in the city and have fun with my friends in RL.

Favorite Quote

No quote, but a message to all who are using my Dinkiefashions. I do a lot of effort to make it all available for OS, and this takes me a lot of energy to work at. The content is for personal use only, not for re-distribtion in other grids or stores without permission, pls respect this! If you want my dinkiedesigns in a store on your grid, pls ask, rule is you get 5 boxes which should be set copy/copy, no mod and leave the box as I made it. In case of making a store with stuff from OpenSim users , pls ask the creators for permission before you put them in your store or make your own stuff, don't take just boxes from others just to get traffic. This way, you show your decency and kindness and you avoid drama. Pls consider.

Music I Like

All sorts, but less Dutch haha!

Films I Like


Books I Like

Many, can name titles, but the space here is too short haha

My Heroes

Joost & Bart, the two men in my life I adore.

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My Regions

16 4 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:DinkieLane 0 Users
Shoppingarea for Dinkielovers.
more info
Wonderland Madness
17 0 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Wonderland Madness 0 Users
Madness in creativity, and idea by Avia Bonne 2019, made in Foundation grid with my alt Yara Qui. Special thanks to Chilli Bean, Caprica Cylon & Ethan Mesherman for their help and to share their stuff for free at this place.
more info
Vintage Garden
15 0 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Vintage Garden 0 Users
Enjoy the magical world of imagination, a peacefull fantasy place.
more info
45 7 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:DinkieTown 0 Users
Little French village for Dinkielovers. Freebie fashions and stuff for our sweet and beloved kitties.
more info
Golden Age
23 0 grid.virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Golden Age 0 Users
Artistic impressions of a golden virtual life. Which means I am in the virtual worlds for almost 15 years (SL and OS) and showing what you can do with your own imagination)
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For groupmembers of DinkieTown only, special membersgifts each Friday!
In December you will receive as like a similar AdventsCalender each day untill Xmas a special gift.

Startingpoint for Dinkie Mermaid, Underwater scenery

DinkieLane has an underwater area which is full of fantasy stuff for underwater sceneries. Go find the place and enjoy!

Halloween and Clown Dinkies at DinkieLane.

DinkieLane underwaterscenery

Dinkielane Trainstation

DinkieLane home

Dinkielane Pubentrance

DinkieLane startpoint

Halloween has arrived at Dinkietown! Get your cute Dinkie Halloween costume here or at the Lovecats region. Don't forget to join the Dinkietowngroup to get special membergifts only.

Dinkietown has a new segment, which is called DinkieLane. Two shops are already open and have special hair for Dinkieboys and girls. Feel free to shop around. More to come!

Hugabug: super cute Avia you've done it again 1 years ago

Dinkie Batman outfit, fits OS Dinkies. Available at Both regions Dinkietown and Lovecats.

📝 Rigging in Blender, Quick tutorial

A short and easy way to rig your clothes in Blender

Peter Pan's adventure, a virtual trip at region Peter Pan/ Barefoot Dreamersgrid. Just playing with the stuf, fun fun fun!

New BOM pumpkin outfit for your Dinkie, I guess the OS Dinkies will fit this outfit as well. Look at the details, just fun fun fun! Available at LoveCats region/ Sharing is Caringgrid.

Strawberry outfit for BOM dinkies.

Although I am still busy at the SharingisCaringgrid with the LoveCats-region there, I am also working at a Peter Pan Adventure sim at Barefoot Dreamersgrid by their request. Hope it will all be finished at the end of this summer. Just a sneak preview here what comes up.

Having fun with Italian Friends at Craftgrid/Gotham city. I have no clue what they say, but they sure have a lot of fun as a close group. I loved the racing there ;-)

Bloom, sunflowerscene at Sharing is Caring grid

Happy Dance with RabbitNPC's at Wonderland

Dixieband of Dinkies arrived at Dinkietown. Thanks Shawn!

WaterNymphs arrived in Sharing is Caring grid

Working on a new region Bloom at Sharing is Caring grid. With special thanks to ChilliBean for her help.

The Queen at my Wonderland region at VWZgrid

Wonderland at VWZgrid, the Queenssquare

The maze at Wonderland region, don't get lost here and find some nice fantasy freebies in the corners.

Wonderlandregion, the little village of Alice

Wonderland region, flying eyes

Lunch at Wonderland region

I'm late, the rabbit at Wonderland

Landingzone at Vintage Garden with the nymphs. (no elfs, I don't like elfs ;-)

Magic at Vintage Garden

Love is in your hands at Vintage Garden

Blue zone at Vintage Garden

A magic spot at Vintage Garden

Magic pot at Vintage garden

Sweetness all around at Vintage garden

Art statues at Vintage Garden

I don't care what you think about me, I don't care about you at all.
Quote at Vintage garden.

Video of my latest region at VWZ. Vintage garden

Sylvia-Koeln: Wonderful 2 years ago

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Very cool to see my old creation, lots of usefull scripts for the community. Thanks for putting it up!

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Welcome back Avia, and in a what glorious and expressive version. New ideas, new challenges and what an explosion of beauty. Thank you for the immense and thorough work you put into everything you do.
You couldn't be in better company than your equally talented Dutch friend on his grid. Good spirits always end up meeting each other. Bravo!
Thank you for the time you took to give me such a great compliment Zoe.
Awesome work !
Very detailed and nicely created wonder World.
A pleasure to visit and wander around.
Thank you ;-)