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Artistic impressions of a golden virtual life.
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Goodmorning everyone, The Golden Age region instabilityproblems seem to be solved. If you still having problems to enter, pls contact the gridowner Kashi Takeshi. He will restart the region which will fix the problem. Thanks for your patience, Avia
Upate. This address should work for everyone:

Goodmorning, it seems not everyone is able to visit my region Avia at Virtual Worlds Zone Grid. Would you pls let me know? It should be opened to everyone. Alternative is to hop to virtual-worlds.zone:8002 and there choose region Avia. Hope it will be solved soon. http://virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Avia

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Marianna 4 days ago
Immersive art that gives you pause. Avia's work is refreshing.
Avia Bonne 4 days ago
wow ;-) ty!
Avia Bonne 4 days ago
If the HG link doesn't work for you, try this one:
Kashi Takeshi 6 days ago
Awesome work !
Very detailed and nicely created wonder World.
A pleasure to visit and wander around.
Avia Bonne 5 days ago
Thank you ;-)