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I use open sim for more than 13 years and still enjoy it. I use to create fashions in Gimp and Photoshop on prims and sculpts and had a lot of stores holding my freebies. During the years and with the mesh entering I changed to eventorganiser and oarcreator. I stopped organising events and fashionshows, but I still create oars for everyone who is interested in them. I don't judge or discriminate grids about their content. Open Sim is free to use how everyone want to use it. It is here to stay, so use it at a creative way. Without disturbing others and being respectfull. I just want to create what pops out of my mind and nothing else. I found a deep love for the Dinkies, so that's what I am mostly working on, althought I sometimes make a sideway to artistic regions. It's just how I am . Feel free to visit or ask questions about my work, but stay respectful. We are adults same here as we are in RL, there is no difference for me. Enjoy!

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Just create and more...

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They can take your stuff or ideas, but they can't take your talent ;-)

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All sorts, but less Dutch haha!

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Idiocracy lol

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Oscar :-)

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virtual-worlds.zone:8002:DinkieTown 0 Users
Little French village for Dinkielovers. Freebie fashions and stuff for our sweet and beloved kitties.
more info
virtual-worlds.zone:8002:SoundLibrary 0 Users
A library filled with a selection of free sounds, collected in OS and sorted in boxes. Free to use for all.
more info
Golden Age
virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Golden Age 0 Users
Artistic impressions of a golden virtual life.
more info


A little preview for all Dinkie-lovers.
This weekend a new shop will be opened at VWZ-grid.
Theme will be Harlequins and there will be a little store inside the Castle, with all sorts of Harlequin Dinkies and their new outfits.

We offer BOM and Open Sim Dinkie Clothings.
The BOM boxes will also include some new dinkie avatars inside, which are a special gift to Open Sim by White Angel Deed.
Dear Open Sim user,
I know this is a hot issue, but I see so many people struggle and fight for stuff in OS, I feel really the need to explain why some gridowners close their grid.

First of all, it is their decision and freedom to do so.
Because it is their grid and they pay the bills of the server mostly.

Second, because they have no other option and are forced to do so, when people don't respect the rules which are set at the boxes.
And you can judge that, since that's easy, but trying to understand is a gift for our attitude in OS.

As long as OS excists, we have creators inside with different rules.
Be aware of this and respect that..
Some give it all away and some aren't happy with that and set it all to copy or copy/mod.
Not everyone feels good about giving it away full perms.
Try to understand this and stop judging them.

Grids will loose these creators, they will stop creating stuff for us and it will be a lost for all of us in OS .
OS is growing every day and the stuff grows with us>
Especially by the generousity of the creators and freebiegivers.
We have tons of stuff to use.

If we judge these people, we will loose more than only one person, there's a whole grid behind with members, or they have lots of followers, who will judge you, why would you want that?
We will loose these members, grids, content, and for what?
You can't change nor force people.
We really need to learn to understand this.

Ok, for example; you don't have acces to one grid.
Try to understand their reasons.
It is not personal!
Gridowners love their grids and their members and feel deeply the need to give them a safe space.
What if you were a member of this grid?
You probably feel safe.

So, if you go to a grid, and you can't take the stuff out, or have no acces, then respect this and move on.
So many other grids to go to, who have even lots of quality stuff for free.
And it grows every day.
If we all learn to respect the rules of any grid, it will make life far more easier in OS.

For me personally: I've learned this on my way thru OS over the years, and it have set me free from stress and frustrations.

Avia Bonne
CopyKatgrid got her own Dinkiestore now as well. It's available in a new Steamy building at my SteamToys region there. It will hold the Steampunk styled Dinkiefashions as I offer as well at VWZgrid/Dinkietown. At Dinkietown is more diversity to choose from. But if you like your Steampunk Dinkie dressed only, you have now 2 grids to go ;-) Adachi has a portal to the store.

KarinBecker: Hello Darling we Miss you so much.....Big kisses your Karin 4 days ago

Free purple BOM dinkie available inlcuding the outfit.
The Bom-dinkies are free gifts from White ;-)
Available at the store now:
virtual-worlds.zone:8002: DinkieTown

CKgrid is seeking for artists.
I was asked to expose my RL-arts there, but they also seek for Digital artists with really quality pictures.
You will have 6 boards to expose there and the Galery is really an amazing object to see.
Let me know if you are interested.

New Harlequin outfit, male version, but females can wear them too ofcourse ;-)
Available now at Dinkietown/ VWZgrid.

My favourite style, Harlequins. New Male outfit for OS Dinkie, now available in the store.

New outfit for today, a MadHatters outfit for the girls ;-)
This outfit does only fit the Open Sim Dinkies.
The white Dinkie avatar is made by Etheria Parrot and can be bought at CGC BuildersGuild with gloebits.

Free Ginger Dinkie included sweet full Butterfly outfit, now available at Dinkietown.

New outfit for the Steamkies (Bento)
Steamkie Madhatters checkersoutfit now in the store available, enjoy!

New in the store, Steamkies!
Little Dinkie-avatars go Steampunk!
This outfit can be used by BOM and Open Sim dinkies.

New in the store, Steamkies!
Little Dinkie-avatars go Steampunk!
This outfit can be used by BOM and Open Sim dinkies.

New at Dinkietown! Dokkies!
My first little doggie avatar with the size of a Dinkie. Full outfit included the Dokkie avatar now available at the store.

Merry Xmas everyone!

Nice pink Xmasoutfit for the bento Dinkie. I think it's so cute ;-)

Bento Dinkie in a funny Xmasoutfit, available at the store too.

New at the stores are the Bento/BOM dinkies which I received as a generous gift. This Pirate outfit is specially designed for these Bento Dinkies, so be aware that it won't fit the Open Sim Dinkies, since they have other sizes. Watch carefully the signs at the stores which clothings you choose. I offer freebie Dinkie Bento avatars including clothes. And freebie clothings for OS Dinkie avatars. But I don't offer OS Dinkie avatars. These can be bought at CGC grid. Every weekend, new outfits for both Dinkie types, stay tuned!

Weekendupdate with 5 new arrivals! Many of them have the MadHatters theme, which is my favourite, but also some "common" looks are available. Many female but there are male outfits as well.

Weekendstuff at Dinkietown at VWZgrid.
2 new outfits now available.
These outfits will only fit the Open Sim dinkies.
The BOM dinkies use another weight, so they won't fit .
Many outfits are made for Open Sim dinkies, be aware of this.

virtual-worlds.zone:8002: DinkieTown

Weekendstuff ;-)
New arrival at Dinkietown at VWZgrid

Dinkies goes Gothic, full new outfit in the store, check it out!

Dinkietown will have every week new fashions, so stay tuned! For now, I am playing in my sandbox ;-)

Sorry for inconvenience, the sim should be accesable now. Yeah, I forgot sometimes the applybuttons lol. Grab the new Leopard outfit including funny pipe! All freebie.

This Dinkie cloth is only for opensim. It will not work on the Dinkies in Second Life. The topology and weighting is different, although they look the same.

Dinkietown arrived and has 4 shops with dresses, shoes, shirts and accesoires

Goodmorning everyone,
Recently the Soundlibrary is up, and I am still busy with filling all the boxes ;-)
There are some people who told me the boxes aren't all copyble.
The gridowner and I checked this a couple of times, and I strongly suggest you read the usermanual at the Soundlibrary, before you start copying all the boxes ;-)

This library is made with love for Open Sim.
All boxes are full perms for personal use.
Be aware, that if you come over by Hypergrid, you need to be patient.
The boxes need a certain time to load for you.
If you don't wait, the boxes will appear as not copyble.

If you still have technicall issues, I am not the one to turn to.
Check your network or restart your viewer, that's all I can say.

Golden Age exhibition has moved to Soulgrid.

The reason is that many visitors where not able to reach the region at VWZ because it had some contactissues.

The new address is open now :
soul-grid.de:8002:Golden Age
Goodmorning everyone, The Golden Age region instabilityproblems seem to be solved. If you still having problems to enter, pls contact the gridowner Kashi Takeshi. He will restart the region which will fix the problem. Thanks for your patience, Avia
Upate. This address should work for everyone:

Goodmorning, it seems not everyone is able to visit my region Avia at Virtual Worlds Zone Grid. Would you pls let me know? It should be opened to everyone. Alternative is to hop to virtual-worlds.zone:8002 and there choose region Avia. Hope it will be solved soon. http://virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Avia

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Kashi Takeshi 3 months ago
Awesome work !
Very detailed and nicely created wonder World.
A pleasure to visit and wander around.
Avia Bonne 3 months ago
Thank you ;-)