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AI in OS?
Is there a tool to equip NPCs with the ability to become text-based chat-bots, powered by AI?

About 15 years ago, this could be done in SL using accounts linked to a free on-line, early form of, AI. It would only respond to IMs. I used one as a public chat greeter bot at my club which could also chat with users via IM.

Now, we can download the open-source language models (I've head of GPT-J and GPT-3 for example). Perhaps AI powered chat-bots could learn OS speak by reading open chat. How would it know when to respond in open chat without spamming the conversation?

(I'm an idea person and have no technical knowledge in this area, so all this is speculation).

Firestorm already has a setting to listen for your name and, when it reads it, color the text and, if you like, play an alert sound. The NPC could listen for it's name and respond to that, and that only, in open chat.