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Edison's Ephemera, live at the Dome

Where: The Dome
When: 12 months ago [14 Aug 2021 15:00 SLT]

Hey it’s summer again. Two weeks of cold and rain and the ducks loved it, even if the humans around here weren’t as enthused. But now we’re finally creeping back into sunny, warm weather, and this brings me back to thinking about this time of year when I had started the Ephemera series back around 2009. We used to spend summers in Brant Rock MA, about a month between July and August, and the theme here originally was done in 2009 upon returning from a month at the beach. It may not remind you of the beach, but it does to me.
There has been a lot of work done on this in the interim, my inspiration is finally creeping back in and I’ve got some more voices to add, and another theme, and stuff like that. And the usual piano vignettes and maybe I’ll spend some more time on Eigenharp than usual, we’ll see, these things aren’t well planned out, which is kind of the point.