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Paint Pouring Exhibition...By Star Morgath

Where: Wild Star Designs
When: 9 months ago [31 Jan 2021 10:00 SLT]

I do all kinds of arts, so this year I was thinking that I want to show my relaxing type of art that I do. No brainer, no concept, just a canvas, and some paint. Kids can do it, why we cannot. While at the beginning of 1900 artists start breaking up from traditional art due to time-consuming learning experience to copy reality and not only, but being unable to see the reality and copy it as it is, the colour fever of the abstract expressionists was spreading and the technique started to develop with each artist based on their experimentation with traditional and nontraditional materials and their unique point of view. We love colors, we love shapes, putting them together to achieve a certain appealing look, and we are done. I am wondering what will be the next trend in the visual arts... What do you think? I will love to hear from art lovers and artists as well what will be the next feverish art style or movement. and another thing I want to see, if you did this type of painting and you want to share it, let me know where I can see your work. Enjoy the Exhibition and join my group inworld if you want to receive updates about my art world. See you later!Star Morgath