I removed Rebelworld's - Rebelmart, Welcome Center, and Johnny Rebels Home - from Opensimworld with deep sadness awhile back due to extreme griefer harrassment. It is now with sadness I must announce it will probaby be gone completely soon. I cannot afford the insane bill hike Suddenlink has put on me. So will only have a wifi hotspot. Doubtful that will run even 1 4x4, much less 30 4x4 worlds+. So if you suddenly cannot access any of Rebelworlds worlds? This will be why. Can't pay the bill. :x I am so very sorry everyone. hugs n high 5's

[UPDATE] After dozens of calls. I am hashing out a deal with Frontier for 3 times the speed currently, for less than I was paying before. With no lockin contract, and no increase gaurantee for at least a year. I jusst need to tighten the belt 1 time for the install fee of about 150 with taxes. So server may be down about a week, not forever if I can get the install money. lol Wish me LUCK, PLEASE? :)