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Rebelworld is closed from opensimworld indefinately. I can't do this lame arsed griefer crap no more. It is affecting me physically, and mentally. My health is VERY POOR, and I am starting to feel like a tortured animal? Gaurd server 24/7 to keep it running? It's wearing me down to nothing. I can't stay up 24/7, even living in chronic pain? I am starting to feel..... hate? I don't want to hate? :( Server will be on, but not registered here anymore. As THIS STUPID RANKING is why the crap happens? I know it makes my world virtually impossible to find? But it's this, or quit entirally? PLEASE forgive me. I can't do this griefer nonsence no more? I'm so truly sorry everyone? :( :( Hope you are happy, you lil crappy, whiny arsed, small minded, SELFISH, griefers? I want to cuss you an hour? And I did, but removed it? I won't sink to your slimy chicken wussed WORM level??? You spineless dogs.... :( I am so VERY SORRY ya'll to EVERYONE ELSE? :( hugs n high 5's