DJ Cataplexia's HOT Arabian Nights Belly Dancing at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:00 PM (SLT)

Where: Wolfs Run
When: 15 days ago [5 Oct 2020 18:00 SLT]

DJ Cataplexia returns with her very popular belly dancing event! Close your eyes and imagine soft flowing silk, middle eastern romantic music and warm breezes..then add sultry dances and the camaraderie of friends in a beautiful venue under the evening sky and you have DJ Cat's famous Hot Daddy's Belly Dancing! All of that is here and more! Belly dancing is for men and women and there are free boxes of silks and togas at Hot Daddy's and Rockin' the Blues. Wear them or come as you are! You will just love this amazing evening!! See you there!!
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