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Steampunk Water Bike Race

Where: LooseCannon
When: 2 years ago [22 Sep 2020 04:00 SLT]

I am proud to announce the first grid wide steampunk water bike parcour race!
Parcour is a track with obstacles to take. Not only is it important to keep the kettle under pressure for good
speed but also the skill to manoeuvre your vehicle through the obstacles and gates.
When : Tuesday 22nd September 2020 at 4 pm ( please be bit earlier )
The official race will start at 04:15 till 04:45 then the winner will get proclaimed.

The winner gets 500 Gloebits

Where :
Steam Race Start@Loose Cannon

Who : Anyone

A race steampunk water bike is free available in the rezzer at the dock and is open from 21st September for practice.

To see your lap time click the status board on the dock

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