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Overwatch Sentry. Now by default it blocks the DWARF MESSIAH, aka Pagane Succubus who calls me a racist because it blocks short people. LOL hhahahahaha What? Just kidding it's not set to block Pagane but you can certainly add her name to the list. But Pagane is absolutely rabid about me being a racist against dwarfs. o.0 Nuttier than a fruitcake. You need to keep in mind you rabid fruitcake, IT'S ABOUT BLOCKING CHILDREN FROM GETTING INTO ADULT AREAS. I have no idea if there is even a single dwarf in the metaverse, but if there is, I could care less. Besides you do know that the OVERWATCH SENTRY has a white list for adding dinkies AND DWARFS to allow them access right? You egg with teeth. >:( Stop bothering me.