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looking for a home? Need some landscaping? come on down to Home and Garden and pick up what you need

Something new at H&G the Village Cottage, Ubode Tested. Check it out today

GlennXpletive: I like the design, can be really useful in some builds! 1 month ago

just added 4 new Ubode tested Houses at Home and Garden.. Come check them out.. Menke Duplex Loft, Araby House, Hamilton Downs House, Lattice Home

Malachi: great collection. thanks for sharing. 2 months ago

High Level Deck

Beautiful A-Frame Cottage with Loft bedroom

6 nice small low prim homes for free rentals on your grid

H&G Furniture has some NEW ARRIVALS.. come check them out
hg.trianon-world.com:18002:Home and Gardens

It's Winter and it's cold and snowing out.. why not take a vacation on your own beach in your own beach cottage.. come pick up the Atiu Beach Cottage and enjoy your vacation. Single room Beads as doors.. and Ubode tested

H&G would like to wish every one a Happy New Years. and just in time for a new year is a new house to call home. Check it out

Essensual: and yes this home is Ubode tested 7 months ago

have a group of SkyBoxes ready for your inspection at Home and Garden. Take the TP to the Skyboxes on the main TP hud. and you can Tp inside from the pictures and out from inside the houses

Beautiful Store To Showcase Your Designs
2 story with beautiful central stair case
easy to walk up
2 Large Display Windows In Front
(window texture enclosed in building)
Very Well Lite inside
Neutral Colour Palet to Make Your Designs Stand Out
all you need to do is add your designs
copy/mod/no transfer

Christmas Cottage two, is ready just for you

a couple of dancing Santa's showed up and brought a nice selection of
pre-decorated Christmas Trees. Shop Early

Just in time for Christmas Home and Garden is releasing this Beautiful particle decorated Cottage. Just add your couch and your loved one!!

Did you always want to have a farm with a stable and a 2 car garage? INow on offer at H&G is Farm Life.. Home, Garage, and Stable. Doors and windows are all scripted, and all buildings and walls are fully Tintable for you to make it your way. See you soon

OpenLife: This is an original work! love it! :) 9 months ago

NEW items going in daily, just added 2 new houses today. More to come

MorningGlory: 😍 I need to come and see them ... Thank you! ❤️ 11 months ago

Open for viewing

Essensual: I have worked hard bring homes to you, but IM not a scripter and I dont think I want to spend hours to make doors work.. the items are free.. but you can do some work on them 11 months ago

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JessicaR&B The region is full of amazing homes and furnitures as well. Great job ! @Darci Viper the region is open always, but today, like every Tuesday and Friday, as i know the grid had a full restart.
Acen8 Wow what a great Region, some great stuff in here all you need to set up a Perfect Home , Well Done Amazing Region
Nico Kalani There are enough homes here that I haven't seen elsewhere to make this a worthwhile stop to shop. For ease of shopping. I'd recommend that there be fewer and fuller buildings for the furniture. The living room furniture is extensive and fairly unique. It's all high quality.

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We restart out grid twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at 7am grid time.. this region takes at least 30 minutes to rez because of the amount of items on it and do the map draw.. so no worries it is not gone..
The sim is very beautiful and very interesting.
Superbe Sim. Un très joli choix !! Je reviendrais m'y promener juste pour le plaisir des yeux
merci beaucoup pour les gentils mots
thank you very much for the kind words