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"Make fun thingys, and do fun thingys... for fun."

Quality Unique Item Stores.

Group Join for Opening Store Invitations
Goods that are distinctive.
Mech Lab little shops.
Recommend: Advanced Lighting / Shared environment.

A Wonderful and fun HG Safari Group visited Mech Lab on Safari...
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Upgrade Your land with a Free SkyBox!

*Location(on teleport kiosk): 04accesories, CitizenCrafts.

Turn your parcel into a private oasis with our FREE SkyBox! This unique shelter provides everything you need for relaxation and unwinding, all included at no cost!

Inside your SkyBox, you'll find:

A comfy bed for stargazing nights or movie marathons
A cozy couch for curling up
A refreshing shower to rinse off after a long day
A comfortable seat to enjoy
Don't miss out on this opportunity to create your own personal sanctuary!
~Mech Lab

Jamie Wright: That looks super cool. Does it come with the puppies? XD 15 days ago Lab

The Mech Lab Egg Hunt is on! Gear up and scramble to find 4 hidden eggs scattered around the Lab. Each egg cracks open to reveal a different awesome Mech Model!

Get ready to search high and low, pilots!

Your Clues:
Egg 1: G-Suit Gambit

Amongst the gear that pilots don, a hidden Mech awaits, ready to spawn.

Egg 2: Fountain Fortune

By the water's flowing gleam, a Mech Model waits in a parkland dream.

Egg 3: Secret Lab Stash

Deep within the hidden Levels lair, a Mech Model's secrets wait to share.

Egg 4: Hangar Hideaway

Soar through the hangar high and wide, a Mech Model's waiting, where giants reside.

Happy Weekend!

LeonitasLionheart: very cool and ty! they look amazing. are you working towards making them fully operational some day...scripted, animated, fireable weapons with damage, etc? so cool, either way. long as they aren't u... 1 month ago

New release @ Mech Lab.... located at teleport: 04Acessories.
Bottega Veneta Earrings & Mesh glasses Summer 2024

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Star Ravenhurst One of the best Futuristic builds I have ever seen. Original and creative, I enjoyed my visit so much. The owner is nice and friendly and I enjoyed visiting with her as well. Be sure and have your sound on so you can hear the ambience and of course, have Shared Environment on. There are some fun rid...

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awesome place and shop symphony well done ,,thanks for the great items!!