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I am from SL and enjoy traveling all around the Metaverse.

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To know me is to love me. Tell me about you.

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I like to do new things as long as it's fun.

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I have to think about that...

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I like good music. I do not like bad music at all.

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I like good films too. Bad ones I do not care for.

Books I Like

Yes, I like books a lot.

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You are my hero!

OpenSim Version

All versions that run well. I want to run a sim on a raspberry pi. Help me please?

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I use Firestorm for SL and OS.


My computer system is noisy. I think it is going to break soon.

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This is a great sim to bring your friends to and spend an evening shooting eZombies. It is well thought out and the creator spent a lot of time and thoughtful effort here. It's a great place to stop while out hypergridding!

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