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I am from SL and enjoy traveling all around the Metaverse.

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About Myself

To know me is to love me. Tell me about you.

My Interests

I like to do new things as long as it's fun.

I'm Looking For

My glasses.

Favorite Quote

I have to think about that...

Music I Like

I like good music. I do not like bad music at all.

Films I Like

I like good films too. Bad ones I do not care for.

Books I Like

Yes, I like books a lot.

My Heroes

You are my hero!

OpenSimulator Version

All versions that run well. I want to run a sim on a raspberry pi. Help me please?

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I use Firestorm for SL and OS.


My computer system is noisy. I think it is going to break soon.

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Swan City Racing
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Doobieville is a fun new hangout with a friendly atmosphere and great company. Come join us for our Community Events and get some free stuff, cruise and test out one of the finest tracks you're likely to see in the Metaverse!
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This is a great sim to bring your friends to and spend an evening shooting eZombies. It is well thought out and the creator spent a lot of time and thoughtful effort here. It's a great place to stop while out hypergridding!

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Blender Group

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