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A place to meditate, there is yoga, tai chi. Turn on stream for a relaxing mix from India. Visit the MettaCafe for a very unique world music playlist. Enjoy :)

Happy Diwali :)

Visit Shanti to get your fun fireworks effects - click on the boxes at the welcome area to get them. While on Shanti - remember to turn on stream to hear sitar music, visit the Rangoli isle to learn how to create colorful Rangoli designs.
Find Rangoli isle on Shanti to learn about this art form from India.

Rangoli patterns are created on the floor or a tabletop using materials such as dry rice flour, coloured sand, flower petals, and coloured rocks. They make a beautiful addition to any home.

Visit Rangoli isle to learn more, take home some rangoli patterns, and find links to videos that teach how to create these colorful patterns.

Turn on stream for a special selection of tunes from india.

Kashi Takeshi: It is Remmy, great art and Asha is a kind hostess that will explain all. 6 months ago

test :)

Kashi Takeshi: Lovely place :) 6 months ago

Visit Shanti's little freebie shop - for a collection of fractal textures generated with Ultrafractal, Apophysis and Qosmic.

Marianna : I LOVE fractals!! In SL I created fountains and at that time my friend was a fractal artist so she wanted her fountain fractalized lol it looked cool!! 6 months ago

Visit the Metta Cafe for a unique world music playlist from Africa, Caribbean, India and beyond. Remember to turn on stream and enjoy :)

Take home some fractal art work (take copy).

Evening meditation

Visit the Metta Cafe and turn on stream to enjoy a unique selection of music from Africa, India, Hungary and beyond.

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Nico Kaliani In OS, there is the absurd Zen Greedy table. The person who created this has no concept of Zen. Too often people with no understanding of an Eastern religion misuse it's terminology like this. (Sorry, Mr. Lennon. There is no such thing as "Instant Karma.)" Shanti, (a Sanskrit term meaning "peace.") ...

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