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Attention, Musicians, Vocalists, & Music lovers!
I am so excited to announce that I have reopened Virtual Melody Grid!

Virtual Melody Grid will be the home of Touring Musicians, Vocalists and Music lovers from across the hypergrid & metaverse! We welcome anyone who loves music and hanging in a positive, friendly, welcoming atmosphere!

We feel that if we support each other, it benefits each and everyone of us and strengthens our music community. We offer free land and home to touring Musicians and Vocalists. (limited amount - 1st come 1st served) We have a limited amount of cheap single full regions (sims) to those who wish to be a part of our new thriving community! You can have a region (sim) for just $10.usd a month with 50K prims.

We offer Support to *NEW* Musicians, Vocalists, & Venue owners to open sim and I will be hosting bi-weekly seminars inworld and on discord to show you how to promote and advertise yourselves and your venues.

Virtual Melody Grid is a fully functional commerce grid and I have both paypal tip boards and regular tip boards here for FREE.. for you to use, modify, etc.

Virtual Melody will be hosting 2 Talent Show Cases a month. 1 for Playing Musicians and 1 for Vocalists. These Showscases are PAID 20 minute spots! 1st come/1st serve basis. The show cases will be limited to only 7 performers. We will be inviting other grid owners, and venue owners, to come hear you! It will be up to YOU to sell yourself, your music, your sound, in your 20 minute spot! - This is a FUN time for everyone!

Virtual Melody Grid has 3 of it's own venues, and we are looking for playing musicians both acoustic & electric, vocalists, dj's & hosts/hostesses!

We are excited about this new way of bringing music to people from all over the virtual worlds. Music is the universal language, no mater what walk of life we are from, the color of our skin, our sexuality, where we live, MUSIC CONNECTS US! Music is something we can't touch, but it touches us, connecting us on a deep emotional level.

A huge special Shout Out & Thank You to the good folks at Hosting 4 Opensim - (yes a shameless plug) These folks, got it together and they know their stuff! If you are wanting to start your own Grid, this business offers reasonably priced servers and top notch customer service. They had Virtual Melody up and running and fully functional with commerce and a few extra bells and whistles in 2 days! THANK YOU GUYS!

With that being said.. I invite you to come check out Virtual Melody Grid! ALL performers & venue owners will need to have a Virtual Melody avatar to participate in our grid. If this is something that you are interested in, Please send me a message on Facebook, Discord, or email me I would love to help you!

Rogue Galaxy
Owner - Virtual Melody Grid