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New Release: Arcadia's Lace Collar-

I'm releasing a new collar for you, this is beyond a new mesh though, it's a complete revamp of every script, animation and configuration card to the point that we decided to abandon the old versioning convention and now it’s version is 2022.12.04.

This massive project was a collaboration with Okie Meow (, without him this couldn't have been possible.


- New storage system to keep data of Owners, Trusted and Blocked people, this will work in any sim that has scripts enabled, no special permissions needed. It cleverly encodes the UUIDs into textures.

- New couples pose system, now you can modify the height of the collar wearer directly from the menu.

- New default poses for all the poses on the collar, they feature a small intro animation.

- Revamped scripts on each one of the scripts fixing bugs in RLV, menus, the leash, etc.

- New leash and particle default textures.

- New leash holder.

There are more features, too many to list here we worked very hard to give you the best collar possible, additionally I revamped the existing collars to this new version.

These changes made it backwards incompatible, so you will need to get a fresh copy of this new collar or your existing favourite Arcadia’s collar.

Happy Wednesday!