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I wasn't sure if I would open the sim this year. A lot of bad things are happening in this world right now. But then you would miss a lot of new things and that would actually be a shame.
So, on to AUTUMNVILLES SECOND YEAR , where good meets evil and in between..
I open early, so you still have enough time to make your sim autumnal.
What can you expect? ---A lot!!!
Stroll through the countryside and enjoy (and pick up) the beautiful autumn decorations, see spooky places that will make your blood run cold, voracious flowers just waiting to eat you for dinner and so much more.
New for this year: Stuff in the shopping areas around the sim had been added, an enlarged, completely revamped freak show, a second fully animated band,the Wolftones that´s second to none, an ice cream dealer you'd rather not meet in the dark, and so much more. Find out and just have fun.
And remember a lot but not everything can be copied. PLEASE RESPECT THAT!!! You can see beautiful things "made in open sim- for open sim" for example made by Kimm Starr, Cloee Heslop, Luna Lunaria ,Bibiana Bombinate and many more.
Please make sure to have a good balance between Music and Sounds, otherwise you would miss half of the fun.
Rezzing problems? Then please relog!!
There is a lot to discover, what are you waiting for?