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Where I stand on the hill at the long bridge is the highest position to look far the whole 5x5 sim. You wonder why I don't fly? I even drive all streets with car. Seldom I tp. lol This sim is made to live realistic second life here as one whole city with suburbs. ;-) Of course, with RLV help for lifestyle.
It's the best try so far from the hill at the long bridge. Middle quality and it shows almost all. Because of the forest at the bridge, you can't see the Promenade and Rock Island. And far away along the mainland you can just imagine that at the end is the watchtower of the prison. The dimensions of a 5 x5 sim are really big. The edges of the sim are in diagonales "Rock Island" to our Home and the "nude Beach" to the big Prison at the end on an own island behind mainland. This prison is so big that all women in OS could be jailed there. lol (Okay, the rl women in OS. Not all the female Avis lol)
The problem with a 360 degree pic for a whole 5x5 sim is that you can't see all at the edges. The far distant view is just 1024 meters. To find the right point in the middle of a sim where it could be all seen what is important to see is difficult. Just one meter you move and e.g. the palms at the beach are gone. But you can't identify anyway on this pic where the beach is. Or to identify the watchtower of the prison, although all is there on the pic. Perhaps such picture can only give an overview how big a 5x5 sim is from the view of a resident living here. We are already 6 people living here. Beside Daddy and me, there are 4 other Residents living in the sin suburb. We all live lifestyle and RP. So this sim is not meant for vanillas.
I try to make other 360 snapshots with higher quality from other points to see Rock Island and the Promenade too. But then I guess something other is missing. This is my first try with 360 snapshot to have Panorama overview.
You can visit us on "decadence.ddns.net:8002/decadence" , which has no beacon here. You land in the Rave Cave of the Rock Island at one edge of the sim. From there you can TP to places where you get a car or bike or can use the Ponygirl Taxi express located on Promenade. Put your graphics on max and try out sunset light or even midnight at some places. There are many surprises of light effects, you will never see at midday and low/middle graphics resolution.