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Premiere in OS - First live appearance of Bart Hoorenbeek
Bart has been playing bass/lead guitar and keyboards for 40 years
and has performed on RL as vocalist/lead/bass guitarist and
toured Europe with his band.
Bart sings all the songs live... and often plays the guitar live at the show.
Bart tells Dire Straits songs and nearly all of his Pink Floyd, Dire Straits,
Bruce Springsteen, Chris Rea and David Gilmore personal compositions songs are
remakes produced in his home studio over the last 15 years.
When: Saturday 18 June from 11 a.m. at the SoA Clubhouse
Warm up from 11 a.m. and after show with Djane Sylvia
A warm welcome to ALL

Taxi: Bikerworld


SoA .BAD 16 days ago
It was nice to celebrate this premier with so many international guests from many grids.
Thank you for your visit
Thirza Ember 18 days ago
This looks like a great event, I am looking forward to it!
Woody 18 days ago
I know Bart from Sl. This is sure to be a great performance today