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Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Open Market

Where: Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Hub
When: 3 months ago [3 Apr 2022 11:00 SLT]

The WWB Roleplay Hub holds an Open Roleplay Market each quarter. The event occurs on the 1st Sunday Every Other Quarter, at 11 AM Grid Time (Pacific), and on the 1st Wednesday on Opposite Quarters , at 4 PM Grid Time (Pacific). This event is open to all Hypergrid Roleplayers, whether novices or experienced! Come as any character you desire, you do not have to maintain a regular character/role, unless you choose to do so. Please wear appropriate attire for your character. Medieval or Fantasy attire is available free at the WWB Roleplay Welcome Center, on the 2nd Floor. Please Check the Roleplay Rules at the WWB Roleplay Hub Welcome Center and at the Roleplay Market entrance dock. See events at Roleplay Hub