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DJ Kith THIS IS YOUR HOUSE Friday Night Blues Party, Rockin' The Blues at 7:30pm!!
Where: Rockin' the Blues! Wyldwood Bayou Grid!
When: Tonite at 7:30! [21 Jan 2022 19:30 SLT]
It's Friday night and DJ Macy has the old swamp jumpin! DJ Kith is up at 7:30 and is gonna blow this party right outta the bayou!!! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE and Kith has your blues the way you like FABULOUS!! This DJ spins the newest, freshest..Bluesiest Blues anywhere and he gets your heart pumping...your toes tapping and the biggest and happiest smiles on your faces! DJ Macy got us started tonight and Kith will finish off the night with his famous hard rockin', hard livin', hard lovin' blues party! Get on down to the bayou and party like it's...well...FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Come on down and don't miss another tune from these incredible DJs! You KNOW you wanna! We waitin' on ya!!! Bayou