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Where: Winter Wonderland
When: 4 months ago [22 Jan 2022 10:00 SLT]

3rd Rock Grid has recently gone through a major software upgrade and we moved our grid to Europe and purchased brand new, faster servers ! To celebrate our metamorphosis to a much better and updated grid we're having a Welcome Back to the Grid Party ! This event will feature the singing talents of Russell Eponym, Kitzie Lane, and Rhia Morgan plus our Fabulous Wailers Tribute Band and DJ Tek Bachman. Because of the upgrade we couldn't have our annual Christmas Party so we're hosting this event on our Winter Wonderland Region. Come and enjoy all the winter sports, sights and sounds as we celebrate our spectacular new upgrade! We are also taking this opportunity to honor the life and work of our dear friend Zinnia Frenzy who was a friend to all in virtual worlds.