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BLUES 'O WEEN DJ Purrrfectt Catt spooks us at 6:30PM

Where: GasWorks
When: 2 years ago [30 Oct 2021 18:30 SLT]

BLUES 'O WEEN!! GasWorks biggest event every year! And an opportunity to say one last "Thank You" to everyone who has supported GasWorks over the last several years! The event will be in the city park across from the GasWorks building, and the park is loaded with prizes for everyone to collect for free! Tonights Line up includes : DJ Phoenix at 5PM --DJ Purrrfectt Catt at 6:30PM -- And DJ BlueLou to finish the set at 8PM. Costumes! Free Prizes! And terrific Halloween Blues will be what we offer tonight! Come on over for "One Last Creepy Party" while we celebrate "Blues 'O Ween" for the final time at GasWorks! Blues always Done Right