HyperGRID Events - Promoting all of Open Sim Events, Venues, Musicians, & DJ's in ONE place for ALL of the HyperGRID Community!

The HyperGRID is fairly large, and sometimes it's hard to figure out where to go or what to do! We LOVE that we are so ECLECTIC and offer a variety of events, and venues to choose from. Members of this group get to advertise across the entire hyperGrid with 1 post! We promote all venues.. all events.. all musicians & dj's!

We are now offering "FREE" Promotional Kiosks at our Main Office. These Kiosks are for all DJ's, Venues, & Musicians! You will have 100 prims to design and decorate your Kiosk! See some sample photos on our page!

This Group will prove to be a great asset to your promotions and advertising! Come join us, help us grow, and find out for yourself just how we can support each other! Join and get YOUR FREE Promotional Kiosk!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hypergridevents