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February brought snow to Real Life and exciting additions to VLTCC...
The first week of February was an exciting week at the Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center (VLTCC)! The VLTCC Landing Plaza received a scheduled facelift with some scripting "pains". The new look was worth every "groan". A teleport VLTCC Destination Directory Board was added to the Landing Plaza to enhance the VLTCC experience of its visitors and training participants. Here, visitors and training participants can select the desired destination and teleport to it or any of the twenty (20) VLTCC destinations. Now, visitors have the option to use the VLTCC Destination Directory Board, or use the original networked teleport (telepads) system. The VLTCC Portal was added for any visitor who may land at the Opensim default 128, 128, x location. From the VLTCC Portal, visitors and training participants can teleport automatically to the VLTCC Landing Plaza, then teleport to any of the VLTCC destinations.

You are invited to teleport into Kitely, locate "Virtual Laboratory Training and " (Map), and teleport to a "VLTCC experience"...
* VLTCC Landing Plaza
* Polymorph Park (NGU/GC)
* STI Laboratory Training Center
* Medical Laboratory Career Center
* Virtual Health Coalition HQ
* VHC Amphitheater (VHC)
* Brownstone Office Rentals: Laboratory, Health, & Medical organizations
* BioChamber: SARS-CoV-2 Unit and BioHazard Unit
* Microscopy Field Lab: Brightfield & Darkfield Lagoons
* STI Resource Labs: Vaginitis; Bacterial vaginosis (BV); T vaginalis; Candida sp. Labs
* Sandbox and Orientation Lab
* Marketplace: CheriNet's Lab Supplies
* Ms. BugLady's Museum: VLTCC History & Timeline
* Gono Cluster, Discussion Pods, & "Intracellular" Classroom
* Sexual Health Center: STI Info & Resources
* Public Health Office: Awareness & Prevention Info
* Break Cove: Beach and Underwater Lounge
* Wellness Skybox Park
* VLTCC Wellness Skybox
* Wellness Center and Spa (Interactive fitness workouts)
* VLTCC Freebie Zone
* STI Clinical Training Office: Training & Events Info

VLTCC Address: Laboratory Training and
VLTCC World Page: