NEW! SFposer - An animation controller -- BETA VERSION

SFposer is compatible with PMAC notecards & plugins

It has lots of built-in features including: NPCs , Expressions, Props, Lockguard chains, Giver, Utilities etc etc.
read more here: https://opensimworld.com/sfposer

Get the beta package @opensimworld region: https://opensimworld.com/getbeacon
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OpenSimWorld 7 days ago
If you got a beta version from yesterday, i suggest that you copy/paste the latest script code from this address, as there are a lot of fixes and a lot of additions: https://opensimworld.com/library?viewcode=105&raw=1&sid=44

The new script fixes a number of bugs, adds LockGuard chain support, and a few more command strings
OpenSimWorld 7 days ago
You can also get it from the opensimworld region
Froot Loops 7 days ago
all I can say is WOW! that made setup so easy. thank you for your hard work.