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Exciting fresh New Original Clubs with other areas to explore and enjoy or just relax. This Adult Only Region - has discretely hidden adult animations in various areas and for this reason is rated adult only, age/ forms / avatars at all times, no exceptions!

Though events have had to be postponed or rescheduled other new things are happening at infinity 21. Just added 3 new rooms - in the hidden skyboxes .. must explore to find. A male and female birthday rooms and the new risky romance dark room. :) Have a lovely day!

GeoPerez: Thank you, a beautiful place where your most intimate dreams never come true will awaken. Here is the frontier of forbidden love, many scenarios. I have seen them very beautiful, thank you wicked don... 7 days ago
A change of schedule is going into effect for this week's event at the Players Club. Dj Tom will be moving his next event to May 31st, Friday. Thank you, for understanding in advance.

Infinity 21 Owner,
Wicked Way

Missing the great Jams of Dj Tom! The beacon went rogue but party did not.

wicked: Come as you are to Wolf Grid's Infinity 21... DJ Tom playing at the Players club , today. Shooting for 6pm - end time not determined. Location - tp on the flyer. 1 month ago
Here we go lovely people! Party Reminder for today's event. The launching of Dj Tom into Infinity 21. Spin hot tunes at the Players Club. Located on the Hill. TP and limo available via Wicked Way of Wolf Grid.
Hello, Lovely Opensimworlder's.. Infinity 21 just launched the new " BLISS " roller skating rink and potential club. Just a few little touches will be added to it but it is open and in Kong City section of the region. Look Under King Kong! :) Any questions just message me on or see me in Wolf Territories Grid. *** set to midnight for best view ***

Wolf Territories Grid: Wow looks amazing will be over to have a look later!!! 1 month ago

Due to former errors.. Event date has been moved. Updates will appear here.
Friday 10th is the next time.

Error on my part on poster, appears i thought last month was this month's dates. Will reschedule w new poster.

wicked: giggles is may 5th sunday. i hope.. lol, hugs you lilly 1 month ago

Error on my part on poster, appears i thought last month was this month's dates. Will reschedule w new poster.

Party changed last minute to may 3rd same time and info. if all goes well. My appologies.

Coming up : Players club will present NEW from SL , DJ TOM at so this week please stop by, LIMO : hop://

Welcome, all adult forms to Infinty21.. If you have not been... I created a nice romantic Glamping area for your group hangouts here on Wolf Grid.

Hello, all... The Game Room is open. It's twin is available in both Wolf Grid ( Infinity 21 ) Skybox and Fire and Ice grid ( Events Skybox ).

Jared Seda: What an awesome game room! 2 months ago

The New Calypso Outdoor Lounge is now open for visitors.
Please, come anytime .. no events currently set in stone for schedule but there is a dance floor as well. ( wicked way )

GlennXpletive: Absolutely beautiful job on that! 2 months ago
Added new fun areas to explore to bring your adult friends or partner. Events have not been arranged yet so.. just come when you like. One last reminder, adult forms only at all times and please respect others on the land at all times. Thank you, Wicked Way
Infinity 21, Has been returned with a few little changes. ** Feel free to come and explore ! **** Events Have not been arranged at this time, Ty. Also Please, be Aware that for
now Infinity 22, Infinity Alpha and Infinity 11 are not at this time open for the public, due to move.

All regions I own will be relocated to a new area. So, please bare with me as the landmarks are created. Update will be coming soon.. if all works as intended.

Coming soon is the add on of Infinity 11 - next to Infinity 21 and 22.
Infinity 21 and 22 are now open for exploring and hangouts. No current events this week. ( yet ) 1-24-2024

Lone Wolf: Great regions well worth visiting (but I'm biased!) 5 months ago

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wicked TODAY- Adult only sim - infinity 21 and 22 present ( wolf grid ) Dj Gio at Club Pleasure.. ( NOON _ 12:00) pdt time - NOW Come as you are.. to our naughty room

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Error happened where comments seemed to be off. I have revived them. Also, a temporary access was suspended to avoid child avi from instant return on another alt. Thank you, for your patience and understanding.. Adding new fun items , rooms and more . Beaches are open and enjoy the explore while events have not been arranged. Ty : Wicked Way
Hello, Opensim world!
These Adult ( discrete ) Club / Explorable Regions Coming soon .. still in the works.
Beacon will be enabled upon completion .. no estimated date as of yet.