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Infinity 21
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Exciting fresh New Original Clubs with other areas to explore and enjoy or just relax. This Adult Only Region - has discretely hidden adult animations in various areas and for this reason is rated adult only, age/ forms / avatars at all times, no exceptions!

All regions I own will be relocated to a new area. So, please bare with me as the landmarks are created. Update will be coming soon.. if all works as intended.

Looking to dj but don't have a location ? Love to dj? Would you like to try something new by trying a new venue? Then Feel free to message Wicked Way in Wolf Grid. Located in the new Infinity 21 region. One of 3 New locations. Also, quality singers welcome.

Lone Wolf: Highly recommended! Check it out!. 26 days ago

Coming soon is the add on of Infinity 11 - next to Infinity 21 and 22.
Infinity 21 and 22 are now open for exploring and hangouts. No current events this week. ( yet ) 1-24-2024

Lone Wolf: Great regions well worth visiting (but I'm biased!) 1 month ago

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wicked TODAY- Adult only sim - infinity 21 and 22 present ( wolf grid ) Dj Gio at Club Pleasure.. ( NOON _ 12:00) pdt time - NOW Come as you are.. to our naughty room