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Tierra de Volcanes, inspired by the Canary Islands, a place to walk, relax. Disco, beach and volcanoes.
Shoping Clothing, accessories and complete avatars for men's and women's,
Tierra de Volcanes, inspirada en las Islas Canarias, un lugar para pasear, relajarse. Discoteca, playa y volcanes.
Tienda de ropa, accesorios y avatares completos para hombre y mujer.


new costumes!

LeonitasLionheart: Those outfits are coco-NUTS! A+! well done and ty! 21 days ago

News!!! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/71/338/3225

Bebe: and so much work and time behind the fun part :)) worth it though 13 days ago

Prop Facade hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/184/447/3224

Omy2024: Beautiful thank you so much Marpil ♥ 18 days ago

News! A Star is Born - Dress GLITTER, Legacy Perky/ LaraX, with color replacement hud hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/94/281/3226

thedeeferry: Thank you, Marpil. Wishing you and yours the best! 2 months ago

New Spotlights on me, Dress, LaraX, Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn

All set!!! our tenerife carnival is ready for February 8, at 13hrs PST, costumes for women and men, or a facial tattoo if you don't dare with the costumes. We are waiting for you ...don't miss it!

Aurora Starchild: VESSS VESSS Eso tenía que haber hecho, carnaval, claro! Y yo aquí casi vomitando con todo lo de San Valentine, tanto corazon y ughhh! CAR-NA-VAL! Que maravilal! 27 days ago

4 trucks of different colors, lighting system, and instruments with animation ... enjoy!

YAY! suuuuuper sexy >.< ... GET me outfit! Bra, Panties and Top , Athena - Perky - Reborn with color replacement hud

Aurora Starchild: Como se nota la crisis....el aceite de oliva y ahora el tejido :P Gorgeous! 10 days ago

NEWS! Empire outfit, Legacy/Athena, with color replacement hud

News! Pink Flamingo - Dress & pantie, Legacy Perky/Athena, with color replacement hud hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/94/281/3226

New Arrivals! hop://astralia.eu:8002/TierraDeVolcanes/80/445/3225

Aurora Starchild: Ohhh que texturas..mañana me paso! 2 months ago

Antonia Ling: Wow... this top is really sexy - like it! 3 months ago

new costumes for carnival!


Aurora Starchild: Wow, qué pasadam :O de "chupa la punta!" 3 days ago
Everything is ready ! Tenerife Carnival Thursday 8,
13hrs PST ( 22hrs Europe, 21hrs Canary Islands!)
we are waiting for you !
new costumes for him and her, don't miss yours!

StellaOrsea: bellissima sim molto allegra 3 months ago

Carnaval!!!!! is here

Omy2024: This build is absolutely gorgeous! Colorful and exciting, you don't know where to look first. So many little details in the decoration and the buildings are superb! Fell in love with this entire build... 20 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jim and Marpil

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Aurora Starchild Went to visit today, and what a treat! Gave me R.Lion vibes (and that's a good thing!) so much stuff that I had to just bookmark and decide to "raid" it later. All newly brought stuff too! Amazing work! Thanks for that!
Bebe Todo es bello y especial en este lugar. Ademas el entorno es super alegre y colorido. Marpil es muy comunicativa y dulce Muchas gracias :))
CAMINO ROSSE es un lugar muy bonito y tiene cosas novedosas,me ha encantado asi que volveré ♥